Project Update #3

Yesterday’s Not Here is a musical project to capture the breadth of Pete Shelley’s musical and lyrical genius.

Update #3 – a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who has sent tracks so far. We have 11 in the bag and they’re as diverse as Pete’s own output and tastes, so a hearty ‘cheers!’ to everyone who has submitted. It’s already clear that this is going to be a fitting tribute to Pete.

With uncertainty over how the current lockdown will play out, and the restrictions it puts on artists meeting and recording, we’re thinking that a provisional deadline of 31st August for submission of further tracks is likely. Of course, if the situation doesn’t improve, that will be reconsidered. It’s important to do this right, rather than do this quickly. Let us know what you think.

With your consent, we’ll be updating the website with details of the submissions so far. We’ll also be building the infrastructure to promote the album, with as much cross-fertilisation of links to your spaces as possible. More on that in the next update.

The response so far to this has been brilliant. If you have any thoughts or observations, please let us know.

Please send anyone you think might be interested to

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